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EroAdvertising is one of the biggest names in the market of web advertisement and can easily be considered as one of the best online adult advertising network. They have specialized in adult ads and they have been really successful in their venture. Along the last few years, its hits have gone up significantly, as it has performed an excellent job in linking the adult publishers with the advertisers.

Best Ero Advertising Alternative: Exoclick, PlugRush, CrakRevenue, JuicyAds

Traffic Accepted: Adult site Traffic Accepted

Ad Formats: Text, Banner, Popunder, Popup, IM ads, Mobile Ads, Video Ads, Thumb Ads, More

Payment Gateways: Payoneer, Paxum, PayPal, Wire

Minimum Payout: 10$ or 10 Euro

Payment Time: Weekly

Affiliate Program: 10% Commission life Long from Referred Publisher & 1% from Advertiser.


Registration process

Any advertiser who is willing to advertise online through the website can easily sign up by filling up a simple form. Your registration will be confirmed by a confirmation mail and then you will have to give in your website. EroAdvertising uses a validation procedure to check the validity of your website in accordance with their terms and only when it is found to be full proof, you can go ahead for adult content monetization. This approval process may take some time as they scrutinize your website for all details and nearly after a day or two they will give their verdict.

Publishers in EroAdvertising

They have a huge bank of adult websites who are attached with it as they get a good bunch of advertises from the website. The publishers can easily monetize their adult tubes and get a greater commercial leap with the help of Ero-advertising. It provides an excellent online platform for both publishers and Adult Advertisers. Publishers can manage to get better advertisements on their website which will subsequently earn them more money on the basis of PPC, CPM or CPC based on the scheme they are agreeing with.  They have quite a few payment options including PayPal, Payoneer, Paxum or you can do a bank transfer, the minimum payment being 10 Euros.

Diverse earning options

You can also bring a hike in your earning through the website’s affiliate program. All you need to do is refer new advertisers and publishers to the website and get a percentage from their revenue. The offer is 1% for referring advertisers and 10% for referring publishers.


Why advertise with EroAdvertising?

If you have a website with adult contents and you want to drive in traffic for your website, you can take the assistance of EroAdvertising and get a website where you can publish your ads for tube and divert web traffic towards your adult tube.  The website has a well organized list of all the major adult webmasters along with the essential statistics regarding the websites including their ranks on Google pages. An advertiser is well assisted by these facts and figures and these help them to determine the website they are willing to advertise on. The website is also designed in such a way that anyone can use it with ease. They help the advertisers to get the perfect adult webmaster blog for their ad and this is what makes the return of investment for the advertisers higher.

This website plays a major role in adult ad media and they help the advertisers to get a perfect guided tour over all the best possible adult webmasters for their ads. They can easily make the best form these ads. If the advertiser is willing to market their product through the advertisement, they can do it just by a banner ad on a website with a high topic and as more people will see the advertisement on the adult website, there will be an inevitable promotion of the product.

Advertisement rules

There are some standards and specifications that the website that is planning to advertise using EroAdvertising should have. These are some of them:

1 There should not be any adult content involving child abuse or animal torture.

2 The publisher should be an adult, which is 18 years of age or above.

3 The website should be safe for users and no illegal activities like SPAM or Fishing is conducted using user details.

Types of ad format offered

EroAdvertising offers a wide range of ad formats also and you can choose the one that seems best for your purpose. Different formats have different price tags. The website offers adult banner ads, adult popup ads, adult full page ads or any other ads that may suit your advertising budget while fulfilling your monetization goals.

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